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About Dobruja Media Group n PR

At August 1, 2011 launched as first news web site under
(actually redirected)

Since November 17, 2011 launched, so start as a regional and international news website, widely promoted as Dobruja Brand into social networks - Facebook(account, pages and groups), Twitter account, Google+ account, etc.

Since July 15, 2012  we expand with a new media website , , Facebook Page and group, Twitter account, etc.

Since August 15, 2013 we become "Dobruja Media Group" with several "Services" oriented websites: , moutardemedia,
(actually redirected) ,, etc.

Since December 3, 2013 we started

Since May,2015 we started TV Channels platforms:

Dobruja News Medias Publishing Group - news, books, music, film, audio, video, radio, television, streaming, producing.

With the support of Mobikom Bulgaria, as a member of Mobikom Consortium Bulgaria

Contacts us: info at

Manager Stoyan Stoyanov
Editor Violeta Varbanova
PR Manager Kamen Stoyanov
Video Manager Ivailo Anastasov

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